Welcome to “Clean Slate Hamilton”, the e-home of Independent Candidates Jen Barnock-Riddell & George Fisher, who are seeking election to the Hamilton Township Board of Education on November 6th. 

Jen and George are committed to ensuring that the district’s new superintendent, an experienced educator/leader with great promise, has the opportunity - - unhindered by wrong-thinking Board Members - - to reshape and improve the educational opportunities offered to our students. Hamilton students are far more capable of learning and performing than they are demonstrating in test scores, and the community deserves far more from the district than its current designation as a lowly “District In Need of Improvement”.

In order for improvement to occur, however, there must be change on the Board. We need to eliminate the “party politics” and “crony connections” the current Board and recent Boards have relied upon to help family, friends and political buddies - - almost everyone but the students. Those relationships have cost the students dearly - - a declining education in an era of increasing competition.

Jen and George offer voters the greatest chance of bringing positive change to education in Hamilton. They are truly independent - - independent of party politics, independent of crony connections, and independent-thinking. They understand the education system and the needs of students; they understand the importance of recognizing and holding to the limited authority a Board possesses under law. They understand the wisdom of involving the public in district discussions about student education. No other slate or candidate offers what Jen and George provide. Jen and George truly offer "A Clean Slate for All Students" in Hamilton.